Hello Adriana

Thanks for your Christmas wishes and here are mine attached, too!
I think I can speak for my friend Conny as well in saying that we truly enjoyed meeting such nice people like you and Ricardo and that we were totally impressed by your commitment to detail with our trip planning.
It was topped up by that personal touch when you came to pick us up from Calalu restaurant and delivered us to our hotel with Ricardo carrying those heavy suitcases. Unforgettable!
By the way, your welcome gift is already on the wall in our house and looks very nice.

I most definitely would like to come back to Costa Rica and explore the Pacific side. We will see.
Kind regards,

Bea Tripadvisor
Pura Vida!!!



Hello Adriana,

Costa Rica was beautiful, safe, clean, orderly and lots of fun.  It was the best vacation trip I have ever been on, and I have traveled a great deal.  My partner said the same, and she has taken several vacation tours to Mexico and other Latin American countries but said that Costa Rica was much nicer and safer - and we didn't have to worry about drinking unsafe water.  We were so impressed with how well organized everything was - Green Creations did a terrific job of putting together a tour that fit our interests and our time constraints.  The hotels and activities were just as promised, and the shuttle drivers were always prompt (sometimes even a little early) and friendly in picking us up to go to and from each activity.  it was effortless!  The voucher system made it very easy for us to know what activities were coming up, and your company did an outstanding job of communicating and arranging everything.

I especially commend Green Creations for using Interbus for transportation.  On our last night in Costa Rica, I left a small package of t-shirts in the shuttle van when we were dropped off at our hotel.  The next morning at 7:30 a.m. I called Interbus (which I could do because Green Creations included contact information for everything - thanks!) to see if the package had been found.  Ordinarily I would never expect to recover a lost item such as this, but the tour operators and service providers had been so professional that I decided to try.

When I called, the dispatcher immediately found our trip information in the computer, what van and what driver we had used, then said that the package had been found and locked up in a secured area in a small office.  We were scheduled to leave for the airport at 9 a.m., and the person with the key to that office was not due to work until 10 a.m., but the Interbus man said to "give me some minutes" and he would call back.  Shortly after, he called to say that our package would be dropped off at our hotel in less than 15 minutes, and it was.  We could not believe that such organization, honesty and promptness was possible!

We are telling our friends to go to Costa Rica for a beautiful vacation destination that is safe, clean and modern.  The river rafting was especially exhilarating, and the river guides were professional but also so much fun!  Even though we had never been rafting, their expert instructions had us right up to speed and we did very well and had a wonderful time.  The scenery along the route was spectacular, and we were glad that the the rafting company takes pictures of each group during the activity.  We thought we would have to have the pictures mailed to us, but by the time we got back to the base, the discs had been copied, labeled and were ready to go.  Amazing!

I am from Southern California, and have seen some very nice spa facilities there and in other parts of the world, but the Tabacon spa and hot springs was far above anything I have experienced before.  There were more than a dozen clean, flowing pools of water of different temperatures available, with wonderful gardens all around.  The swim-up bar in the largest pool had excellent drinks at reasonable prices, and the changing and shower areas were clean and well organized.  The restaurant buffet at Tabacon was very impressive as well.  That was an experience to remember! 

Thank you Adriana and Green Creations for arranging such a fun and well-organized excursion, and on such short notice.  It was our first trip to Costa Rica, but will certainly not be our last.  We are telling our friends that Green Creations is the way to go for a safe, fun vacation that is well tailored to the activity level of the guests.  We will definitely be seeing more of your beautiful country!

Kathy Stickel


Dear Adriana, we're back in Montreal after our wonderful stay in Costa Rica, WE LOVED your Country!!!!!! Most of all, we much appreciated your services!!!! It went so smooth with all the details, from the pick up at the airport to the last lodging arrangements. I will not hesitate to forward your name and e-mail to friends who will decide to travel to your country one day. Too bad we did not have a chance to meet, maybe next time I'll fly through San Jose...Mucho gracias!!! Viva la Pura Vida;-)

p.s. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us;-)

Bonne journée! Have a good day!

Marjorie Rae (Canada)

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Our trip has been awesome. If you are interested in more details, I`m happy to write a longer message. Briefly, the high point was definitely the Pachuare River and our guide, Danny. The low point was our breakfast here.

Again, thank you for your efforts in designing this terrific trip for my son and I. I plan to return and will certainly call you for help with the logistics.

Muchas gracias!!!!


It was an excellent trip! Thanks for your service and help. When I get home, I will send you a more detailed feedback.

Sai Choo

We had a wonderful trip, and all of your arrangements were fabulous.

We don't have any complaints. The rain in Monteverde was not bad, and it mostly rained while we slept everywhere else. We are very happy with ourt trip, and so grateful to you for such wonderful arrangements.

Thank you for taking such good care of us. Is there a website, such as trip advisor for you that we can give you excellent ratings? We'd like to tell others how wonderful our experience with you was.

All the best - Pura Vida!! Tripadvisor

Linda and Dave

Hola adriana,

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so special, we really enjoyed it. These are some pictures from our trip as promised. Also, thank you for helping us stay in touch wit Paola and her mother. We enjoyed horsebacking with them and they were very friendly people.

Best regards,