Coffee Tour. 4 hours tour to know the process from the plant to gourmet coffee cup.

Pick up time: 10:30 A.M.
Duration: 4 hours

Imagine following the journey of a coffee bean in the plantation, from the plant to a cup of gourmet coffee. You will observe and participate in the traditions and history of coffee. Experience at first-hand how the pros distinguish a fine coffee by taste and smell.

Experience the original Costa Rican coffee tour at our farm located in Barva de Heredia.
Since 1991, over 500,000 guests from around the world have visited our plantation to learn about and share our passion for Costa Rican coffee.
On our Classic Coffee Tour, our experts guide you through the lifecycle of gourmet coffee. Begin in our nursery and follow the beans starting with their growing cycle through careful collection and selection of the finest beans. Learn how Costa Rica’s unique climate and diverse landscapes provide perfect growing conditions for gourmet coffee beans.

Next you will be enchanted by the aromas of our roastery where you will discover how different roasting techniques affect the beans and the brew. We’ll reveal our roasting and packing secrets that enable us to deliver the best coffee from our Costa Rican plantation to our cup - anywhere in the world.

Learn how experts “break the cup” by using techniques to taste or “cup” coffee to identify and grade the characteristics that qualify a gourmet coffee.
Relax in our amphitheatre and watch a fun and informative show on how coffee has played an important role in the Costa Rica’s economical and social development.

Finally, surrounded by our outdoor tropical paradise and while listening to traditional music, you have an option of savoring a buffet lunch featuring local ingredients at our Don Prospero Restaurant. Visit our coffee bar, order and enjoy the coffee beverage of your dreams. Browse our factory store and gift shop and allow us to ship some souvenirs and fresh coffee back to your home where they will remind you of your Costa Rican tropical adventure

Recommendations: camera, light clothes
Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, lunch
Rate: $57.00 per person