Rainforest Adventure. One day tour in Costa Rica

Pick up time: 07.00 A.M.
Duration: 10 hours
Drive to Sarapiquí area, through the extraordinary rain forest of Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of the most important rainforest reserves of Costa Rica. On arrival to Sarapiqui, a beautiful area known for its impressive natural richness, you will board a boat for a relaxing ride on the Sarapiqui River where you will feel in close contact with nature and admire the inspiring surroundings.
After the boat ride you will continue with a hiking on Selva Verde eco lodge’s private trails which are a heaven for nature enthusiasts, hikers, bird and wildlife watchers.

Following lunch and on route to San Jose, a visit to the famous Rainforest Aerial Tram is included, for a ride on a gondola through the tree canopy in company of a naturalist guide that will talk to you about the wonderful rainforest.

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram – Atlantic is a 475-hectares (1,200-acre) private reserve that shares a 10 km border with Braulio Carrillo National Park, constituting a buffer zone between the park and farming lands.
Recommendations: camera, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, lunch, Boat ride on the Sarapiqui River, guided walk on Selva Verde trails, Rain forest Aerial tram 

Rate: $123.00 per person

With this tour you will visit:
The Rainforest Aerial Tram: Take an Aerial Tram tour at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic for an hour and 20 minutes and cover a distance of 2.6 kilometers through the treetops of the primary rainforest at a leisurely pace of two kilometers per hour. The open-air rain forest tram gondolas with canvas awnings seat six passengers plus a naturalist guide. It’s an excellent option for family and groups.

A Day in the Costa Rica Atlantic Aerial Tram
- A true flight on the rain forest tram Costa Rica Atlantic gondolas

- Unsurpassed evergreen forest views

- Explore Costa Rica canopy

- Astonishing information about nature

- Pathways leading into the forest for nature walks or hiking

- Costa Rica Atlantic canopy tour guided by an expert naturalist

- An excellent option for families and groups.

Add-on to your Costa Rica Atlantic Experience:
Learn about the canopy, home to an enormous variety of rainforest flora and fauna.

Be part of our conservation efforts by learning how to protect our natural resources with our guide’s advice.

Explore the rainforest from the ground to the treetops.

Breathe in pure oxygen, and feel the warm rain of the tropics.

Fall in love with nature’s wonders, natural melodies and the sweet company of the forest’s inhabitants.

Selva Verde: Selva Verde is located in the midst of the 500 acre Sarapiqui Rainforest Preservation Area in the lush lowlands of northeastern Costa Rica. It is a haven for nature enthusiasts, bird and wildlife watchers, scientists and students, as well as adventure seekers.

The rainforest surrounding Selva Verde provides habitat for over 300 bird species, 120 species of mammals, 48 amphibian species, 89 reptile species, more than 10,000 species of insects, 330 species of trees and countless plant species. Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world’s known species.

On a tour of Costa Rica’s rainforest it is possible to find between 50 and 100 different tree species in a few acres. You will also find a wide diversity of plants, birds and animals. There are approximately 1,500 species of orchids alone.

Selva Verde Lodge In the Midst of the Costa Rica Jungle: The buildings of Selva Verde Lodge are incorporated into the Costa Rican rainforest on platforms and elevated walkways that blend in with the natural environment. Our extensive network of covered walkways allows our guests to go on long walks throughout the rainforest observing wildlife, plants and birds while staying dry.

Protection of Costa Rica’s Rainforest: Selva Verde Rainforest Reserve has been identified as a critical piece of the San Juan-La Selva Biological Corridor, part of the greater Mesoamerican Biological Corridor initiative, a proposal to connect protected habitat from southern Mexico and Belize to Panama.